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Put Some Spring Into Your Writing!

Last updated 3 years ago

It's Spring! Blooming flowers and warmer days prompt us to clean out the old and begin the new. Your writing can benefit from a bit of housecleaning, too. Give it new energy with a few ideas like these:

Write about your new favorite thing
What is your current obsession? Writing a paragraph about a thing that fascinates you is a great way to express feelings and make memories.

Keep these two suggestions in mind:

  • Be spontaneous. Sit down and write as soon as the impulse comes. If you put the writing off, you'll lose the feelings that give it life.
  • Be very specific in choosing your topic—not just birds, in general, but the mockingbird you hear outside your window; not just baseball, but Tim Lincecum's quirky fastball.

You can do a little research online to find facts and details about your topic. Then, let yourself go. Years from now, you'll enjoy reading about a thing that fascinated you at this moment in your life.

Picture a Story
Next time you're going out, use your camera. Take shots of what you see and do during your trip. Try for a mix of a distance and close-up shots—a pile of oranges at the market, a face on the bus going by, the weird mess somebody left on the sidewalk.

When you're home, look at your pictures, and let them suggest a story to you. It can be a process story about your trip, like this: It was a sunny day when I left my apartment. First, I went to the market to buy food for lunch. Then, I saw a really strange thing.

Or, you can make up a completely imaginary story, like this: It was Friday when the mutant oranges first appeared in the market on Irving Street.

Use your pictures to illustrate your story.

Add Some Trouble
Recall an event you've experienced or read about. Think about how you'd feel if some part of that event suddenly happened in a different way. For example, suppose you go to the bakery to buy a blueberry muffin once a week. Imagine that this time, instead of putting your muffin into a bag, the person behind the counter throws it at you. Here's where you begin to write.

How do you respond? What do the other people in the store do? Keep the scene going as long as you like. It could become a story or just a paragraph to tuck away until you need it in the future.

You can find some great writing prompts online to put new life into your writing this spring. Give it a try. It will make you feel fresh all over!

Contact us at The Literacy & Language Center to find out how we bring fresh ideas to helping children with reading and writing challenges.

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