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Write It, Listen to It, and Shine!

Last updated 3 years ago

Web Content Writers do it. Mystery writers do it. In fact, most good writers do it sometime. Reading your work aloud on World Read Aloud Day, and every day, is a wonderful way to grow as a writer.
Whether you read it yourself or listen while someone reads it to you, hearing your writing read aloud offers some real benefits:
It lets you spot the glitches
Most of us have had this experience: You write a sentence and read it over several times. Then, as soon as you send it to someone, you notice that you left out the word "is" or you wrote "you" when you meant to write "your." Hearing your work read aloud is a great way to proofread for errors.
It helps you fill in the holes
When you hear your words, you can see how ideas connect—or don't connect. Maybe you've written things in the wrong order, left out something important, or created confusion by jumping from one point to the next without a transition. You can hear those gaps when our work is read aloud.
It gives you some distance
In addition to spotting the problems, when you hear your words read, you begin to experience the writing a little more from the "outside," rather than being stuck in the middle of it. This is emotional distance. It is essential for growth as a writer.
Where do you find an audience or a reader?

  • Ask friends and family members to be your audience while you read your work. If you want to, you can ask them to give you feedback about your writing, but the important thing is for you to hear your words being spoken.
  • You can also reverse the process. Ask someone to read your work to you while you listen. Be sure to choose a good reader who can speak the words accurately and clearly.

Let your computer do the reading
Macs have a built-in text-to-speech feature that lets you type your words and then listen to what you wrote.

PC users can find text-to-speech or text reader software and apps online that will do the job for you.
Whatever method you use, listening to your words read aloud can be a very satisfying experience because it encourages you to "own" your words and ideas and to think of yourself as a "real" writer.
Today and every day this year, read aloud. You'll hear your writing soar!

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