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Student Writing - "My Favorite Teacher"

Last updated 4 years ago

     Have you ever had a favorite teacher before? Well, I had a favorite teacher named Ms. Kabavich. Ms. Kabavich was average height, had blond hair, and wore glasses. In a low voice, she would tell kids to stop talking when they were not supposed to. But, if you kept on talking, your name would go on the whiteboard. Then you would have to be benched for five minutes. In addition, if you didn't finish your homework for that night you would get benched. When you were benched, you would be spread out on the brown bench that was hanging off the wall. Strict teachers such as Ms. Kabavich can help us learn.

     Ms. Kabavich was a wonderful teacher by being tough. Therefore, she would give extra work by writing it on binder paper. I remember once she told me to do research on dogs (how dogs help people). Ms. Kabavich would also have hard spelling words. Towards the end of the year, she would give us some states for spelling words. On Wednesdays she would give us dictation. I know Ms. Kabavich is not the easiest teacher, but she could also be fun.

     Although she was strict and challenging, she was pleasant. For example, she would let us eat with each other at lunch. She also made fun games, such as spelling bees and math dice. The way Ms. Kabavich did the spelling bee was that she would say a word aloud and we would have to write it on the whiteboard. Whoever spelled the word last had to go sit in their chair. The math game was played with two dice. First, Ms. Kabavich would roll the dice and it would land on two numbers. You would have to add the two numbers you saw; whoever said it first won and whoever said it last had to sit in their chair. Whenever there was a party, she would let us dance and whoever won from each gender would get a paper gold crown. Last but not least, on Fridays we would have show and tell. If a girl brought a Barbie, the girl would get to choose a boy that the Barbie would kiss. If a boy brought a GI Joe, he would have to pick a girl for the GI Joe to kiss. Most teachers I had have all these elements but Ms. Kabavich was the best at challenging me.

Tell us about your favorite teacher the next time you visit us at The Literacy & Language Center!

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