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The Different Ways Our Children Learn

Last updated 7 years ago

Learning requires a combination of our senses.  Generally, people have a preferred way to learn a new concept.  Some people stick to one type of learning and some people integrate them evenly.  There is no correct or incorrect way to learn.  It is important, however, to recognize when information is not being taught in a way that matches a child’s learning style and may be impeding the child from picking up new ideas and skills as easily as his peers.

  • The Visual Learner. This learning style is characterized by a child learning by watching those around him, reading directions, observing, or otherwise using visual cues to figure out a situation or problem. These children will mimic what they see others doing, but only after carefully observing them.
  • The Auditory Learner. A child who employs this learning method will listen to explanations in order to learn what to do. An auditory learner will typically have a larger vocabulary, making it easier for parents or teachers to explain concepts or directions to them.  Because the spoken word is so important, these children tend to talk to themselves and will talk to others a great deal.
  • The Tactile Learner. This child will learn best when he has his hands on an object and can take it apart and put it back together to learn how it works. This type of learner doesn't follow spoken directions as well as auditory learners or written instructions as well as visual learners. He may not like to read, and his handwriting may be poor.

Regardless of the type of learner you have, if your child needs help with reading and writing or has a learning disability, then the Literacy and Language Center can help. We offer reading tutoring by reading specialists. Our reading programs integrate visual, auditory and tactile learning so all children are able to succeed in reading.  Contact us today to help your child excel in school and in life.


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