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Keep the Words You Learn

Last updated 4 years ago

We recently posted an article on the importance of learning vocabulary in context. Try these ways to get your kids started noticing and creating context for the new words they learn:

Have a new word alert!
Did you ever learn a new word and then begin to see it everywhere? Your kids will enjoy this experience too. When kids learn new vocabulary words at school or in their reading, enlist family members to be "word spotters" to use the words in conversation and help kids find them in everyday reading activities.

Help your kids make their own flashcards for new vocabulary words. Index cards or large Post-It notes work well. Write the word on one side. On the other side, write a sentence containing the word, a synonym or two, an antonym, and a brief definition. Drawing or attaching an image to illustrate the word is a great memory trigger.

If you prefer to work online, you'll find flashcard-making tools ready to use.

Word Book
Help your kids make a book of words to keep. In a notebook, write one letter of the alphabet on every other page.As kids find new words, they record them in their Word Book. For each entry, use the suggestions in the Flashcards section above to define the word and give it a context. Keep adding pages as needed.

You can also make an Alphabet Word Book online.

An active involvement in learning new words helps everyone and reinforces the importance (and fun) of acquiring vocabulary.

We'd like to hear about your learning experiences at The Literacy & Language Center.

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