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Tips For Staying Motivated

Last updated 4 years ago

The holidays are gone, the Super Bowl has been played, and the Olympics are over. We're now in the Pre-Spring Doldrums. Work and school might seem boring, and it's hard to keep plugging along. Where do we find a new burst of energy to make life exciting again?
Try some of these strategies to rev up your family's motivation:
Reinvent what you're doing
A new project always generates excitement. You can make a ho-hum routine fresh again by doing some part of it in a different way. Browse through The Literacy and Language Center's blog, to find ways of helping your children (and yourself) have fun while learning new skills. Posts like Get Crafty With Your Daily Reading Time might be just what you're looking for to light a new spark!
Accentuate the positive
We all have thoughts that run like a loop in our minds. These habitual thoughts often come from fear, so they keep us stuck. To beat them, form a new habit!
Imagine that thoughts like "I'm not good enough" or "What if I fail?" are termites nibbling away at your life. Each time one appears, zap it with a counter thought like "Practice will make me better" or "The only one who fails is the one who doesn't try!" Positive Thinking is more than just a convenient phrase. It really can create change.
Look where you're going and where you've been

Take a look at your goals and find ways to give them new power. Visualization is a proven tool for getting what you want. If you haven't made a Vision Board before, try it now: Get a big board; a whiteboard or poster board, even a piece of cardboard will do. Fill your board with pictures, quotes, and words that inspire you to be excited about your goal. Put it up where you can see it every day.
Reminding yourself of how far you've come is important too
Try making a timeline of pictures or recording milestones. Hang up successful homework assignments or art projects where your child can see them and be reminded of their achievements – just like a trophy on a shelf. Seeing results boosts the determination to keep going.
Making even one change in your routine can pay off in new energy! Contact
The Literacy & Language Center at (415) 242-1205 to find out more about how we can help your child succeed.

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