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How to Make Your Letter to Santa Stand Out

Last updated 4 years ago

Maybe you've been hinting around for a new Kindle, Nook, or other ereader for weeks, but you fear Santa isn't getting the message. Try writing Santa a persuasive letter. 

The goal of persuasive writing is to convince others to agree with our opinions and facts. Persuasive writing is all around us - from product descriptions to political commentary in daily newspapers.There is a process to writing a persuasive opinion or argument piece.

Get started

  • First, write your idea clearly in a simple sentence, like this: "A Kindle would be a great gift for me."
  • Next, offer some convincing reasons to support your claim.

Where do you find reasons? Try these ways:
Imagine what you'll do with the gift you want. Do you see yourself reading adventure novels or travel writing? You can say, "Having an ereader now will inspire me to write. Someday I'll be a great writer."

Educational benefits are always persuasive reasons. For example, you can say, "With a Nook I can have books with me all the time! It won't take up so much room in my backpack."

Search online for practical ways your gift might be used. Look for sites to download books. Show Santa that you really know what to do with a new ereader, and you just need the tool to make it happen.

Choose the strongest argument
It's best to have at least two good reasons; three would be even better! When you've gathered all of your arguments, read them over to decide which one is the strongest - the most convincing. That's the one you write down last. All the rest of your letter leads up to that one.

Add a final touch
When your letter is mostly formed, add one more sentence to clinch your point and express your thanks:

"Thank you for reading my letter, Santa. I know you'll be proud of how much reading I will do with my new ereader." Sign your name, and it's done - ready to be delivered.

We can't guarantee a persuasive letter will get you everything you want, but it will certainly make a good impression and make your letter stand out from the rest. Let us at The Literacy and Language Center know how it worked.

Happy Holidays!

(Artwork by an LLC student's younger sibling)

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