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Summer Scrapbook & Writing Project

Last updated 5 years ago

Wouldn't it be nice to have a reminder of summer fun when the cold winter months come around? Making a summer scrapbook is a way for your child (and you too) to record events, thoughts, feelings, and mementos that will brighten winter and become a lifelong treasure.

Here are some ideas for getting started on your summer scrapbooks:

Decorate your book
Let each person choose a blank notebook or scrapbook and make it special. Everyone can decorate his or hers with a collage of pictures cut out of magazines, photographs, or whatever comes to mind.

Pick a unique title to personalize the book such as Lily's Awesome Summer Adventures or Mason's Summer in the San Francisco Fog.

Collect mementos
A memento is a keepsake that recalls the memory of an experience. This can be anything from a napkin or leaf to a souvenir or t-shirt. Paste mementos in the scrapbook or take a photograph if the item is too large. Have your children write about finding the item and what they remember about the experience.

Take pictures and make collages
Title a page in the scrapbook, "My Perfect Summer Day" and cut out pictures and words from magazines to make a summer collage. This is a good way for kids to search for descriptive words and create sentences with different fonts.

Take photographs of flowers, buildings, people, and places you and your children see during the summer. Paste these into your scrapbook and note the date and location. Have your children write a paragraph or a story about the event.

Use writing prompts
Is it too windy outside to take pictures? Put your summer imagination to work to keep your scrapbook going (and help your children work on writing skills).

Brainstorm for writing ideas with prompts like these:

  • My favorite thing to do during the summer is:
  • The best thing about the beach is:
  • If I could fly, I would fly to:

Visit for more fantastic writing ideas.

Use the scrapbook to keep writing skills active
Working with your child, make a list of summertime words to cross off each time they see one. If you are planning a vacation, help your child create a summer word list to specifically fit your destination.

Let your children take their scrapbooks along on a trip, to the beach, or to a restaurant. This will give them opportunities to add drawings and write descriptions of what they see.

Above all, have a great time making and recording memories! Be sure to bring out your summer scrapbook this December and relive your memories. We would love to see your summer scrapbook next time you visit the Literacy & Language Center.


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