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What Are Multi-Sensory Reading Programs?

Last updated 6 years ago

Learning to read and write is essential for success in the modern world. Multi-sensory reading programs incorporate different techniques to teach students how to effectively read and spell. Let’s take a closer look at multi-sensory reading programs and the advantages they can offer.

Use of Multiple Senses

Humans discover and process information using a number of senses, and utilizing multiple senses for a single task can often make it easier to accomplish that task. Multi-sensory reading programs incorporate visual learning techniques, auditory cues, and kinesthetic-tactile pathways to assist students who have trouble with reading and spelling. Together, these methods are known as the VAK modality. An example of this teaching technique involves a teacher who instructs a student to read a word aloud while tracing the letters of the word onto a carpet using his or her fingers. In this way, visual, auditory, and kinesthetic-tactile cues are all incorporated into the learning process.

Enhancement of Memory

One of the primary benefits of multi-sensory reading programs is their ability to enhance a student’s memorization of letters, sounds, and words. When the brain processes information through multiple sensory pathways, there are more experiences associated with that information. Students often find it easier to recall information about specific letters and language structures that has been learned using visual, auditory, and tactile senses.

Promotion of Learning

By assisting a student in memorizing distinct letters and phonetics, a multi-sensory reading program can make it easier for that student to learn how to read and spell correctly. This approach to learning is especially effective for students whose reading and spelling abilities are impaired by dyslexia, as they can more easily remember the meaning and structure of letters and words after multi-sensory instruction.

At the Literacy and Language Center, we utilize multi-sensory teaching techniques to enhance our students’ ability to learn. To find out more about multi-sensory reading programs, call the Literacy and Language Center today at (415) 242-1205.


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